Can You Sleep on a Mattress While It's Expanding?

Can You Sleep on a Mattress While It’s Expanding?

You are quite excited to get a restful night’s sleep now that you have your brand-new mattress. However, it’s important to answer the question, Can you sleep on a mattress while it’s expanding? before you take any action. In a nutshell, the answer is no. In this extensive guide, we’ll look into the rationale of waiting, the advantages for your health, and methods to expedite the enlargement process. Now let’s go specific.

Why You Should Let Your Mattress Expand Before Sleeping on It?

I’m sure you’re wondering why waiting matters. Especially if, like the majority of us, you find tolerance to be a weakness. The truth is that comfort is not the only factor to consider; your health is as well. A mattress needs time to breathe and fully plump up after being compressed for shipping.

  • Getting the Right Shape and Firmness: Your mattress will return to its proper firmness and form after you let it expand. Different mattress types—memory foam, latex, hybrid, spring, and discuss—need different amounts of time to reach their desired feel.
  • Taking Care of Your Body: A mattress that is mostly inflated can affect your body and lessen its support. By waiting, the mattress has time to self-adjust and provide the necessary foundational support for your joints and back.
  • The Figure about Smell: Mattresses that have not been used frequently have an odor that is called off-gassing. By allowing the mattress to expand, you can create a healthier sleeping environment by letting unwanted odors go.

How Long Does It Take for a Mattress to Expand?

How Long Does It Take for a Mattress to Expand?

The type of mattress will dictate how long it takes for it to fully expand. Let’s examine the projected growth periods for several mattresses:

  1. Mattress made with memory foam: Typically, it takes a memory foam mattress between 24 and 72 hours to fully expand.
  2. Latex Mattress: It could take a latex mattress 48 to 96 hours to expand to its maximum.
  3. Mattress Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses, which include different materials, typically require 24 to 48 hours to fully expand.
  4. A spring mattress: Because of their coil construction, spring mattresses can take between 48 hours and a week to fully expand.
  5. Air Mattress: The expansion time of air mattresses is typically faster—it takes only a few hours.

Tips to Decompress Your Mattress Faster:

Tips to Decompress Your Mattress Faster

Here are some suggestions to help with the decompression process if you’re eager to start enjoying your new mattress right away:

  1. Verify Bed Frame Compatibility: Make sure your bed frame and mattress type are compatible to allow for optimal expansion.
  2. Set Up the Mattress Early: Set up your mattress as soon as possible to give it enough time to decompress before you need to use it.
  3. Adhere to the Modern Snooze Spot: To save yourself the trouble of relocating your mattress later, place it in the room where it will stay forever.
  4. Warm Up for Comfort: You may want to try tweaking your indoor regulator because warmer room temperatures occasionally hasten the expansion process.
  5. Take into consideration mattress toppers: In addition to improving comfort, mattress toppers may speed up the decompression process.
  6. Roll or Walk Around It: Gently rolling or walking on the mattress will encourage a smoother expansion of the materials.

Unboxing Your Mattress:

The first thing to do when you receive your mattress is to unpack it. It is packaged to make shipping easier. Moving your boxed online mattress to the desired room initially is always the best course of action. This is because, while it is still in the box, your mattress is simpler to handle and transport. In the unlikely event that your mattress is a Queen or King size, you will require assistance moving it. Due to the mattress’s tendency to expand, make sure there is enough space.

After placing the mattress in its designated room, gently open it to prevent any damage from occurring.

Sliding Your Mattress out of the Box:

Sliding Your Mattress out of the Box

You will find that the mattress is covered with plastic sheeting as soon as you take it out of the box. This plastic sheeting prevents the mattress from expanding and keeps the bed firmly compressed. Unroll the mattress while it’s still covered in plastic sheeting, then place it top-side up on your box spring, bed frame, or mattress foundation.

Furthermore, keep in mind that, unlike your old mattress, which would have required a box spring, your new mattress might not. The plastic covering should then be carefully cut on one side and dragged off. After completing this process, your mattress will begin to expand.


Can I leave a mattress to expand on its side?

Yes, leaving a mattress to grow on its side is usually acceptable. Nevertheless, for optimal results, it is advised to follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Is it bad to lay on an air mattress while it inflates?

It is not recommended to lie on an air mattress while it is inflating, since this could disrupt the uniform distribution of air and impair the overall functionality of the mattress.

Will a new mattress get softer?

Yes, with use, most mattresses do have a tendency to get a little softer over time. We call this process “mattress breaking-in.”

Can you sleep on a mattress before it’s expanded? 

Although it is possible, it is not advised. Using a mattress before it has fully inflated may affect the support, immovability, and contour of the mattress.


In summary, the key to getting the best possible sleep is to practice patience and give your mattress the time it needs to expand. For reasons that go beyond comfort and include your health, such as finding the ideal firmness and taking care of your body. Follow the recommended expansion timeframes, apply the provided advice for quicker decompression, and sink into a supportive and cozy sleep on your completely inflated mattress.

Recall that spending time in the beginning will pay dividends in the form of longer-lasting bedding and improved sleep quality.

For more information on mattress care and longevity, you can check out our guide on How Long Are Mattresses Good For?.

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